About Us

The Alliance And Its Objectives
The Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth is a broad-based coalition whose members develop, deliver, or consume energy from all sources. With more than 1,200 members, the Alliance is seeking to build a national consensus for a comprehensive U.S. energy strategy that balances supply and demand without compromising environmental safeguards, so that we can fuel America’s dynamic economy and support our quality of life. To achieve this balance, we must use modern technologies to:

  • Increase energy efficiency and conservation;
  • Ensure adequate energy supplies and generation;
  • Renew and expand the energy infrastructure;
  • Encourage investment in new energy technologies;
  • Provide energy assistance to low-income households; and
  • Ensure appropriate consideration of the impact of regulatory policies on energy.

Learn more about the Alliance and its  objectives. View a list of  members of the management committee. Help ensure our nation’s energy security by joining the Alliance today. To join, please contact Robin Billings at 202-463-5452 or e-mail rbillings@uschamber.com.