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AEEG Hosts State Climate Dialogue

The Alliance for Energy & Economic Growth, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and National Association of Manufacturers are hosting a series of state climate change dialogues in 2009 designed to raise awareness of important energy-related issues. The dialogues are intended to stimulate a national discussion on key climate change issues and provide:

  • A real-world assessment of our current and projected energy needs;
  • An overview of the energy technologies and resources that will be available to substitute for fossil fuels should Congress or EPA reduce the availability of those energy sources;
  • A look at the economic impact of policy changes on businesses, consumers and American workers; and
  • An understanding of the critical need to develop legislation that harmonizes technology development with mandated emissions reductions in order to avoid economic disruptions.

Past Dialogues

Other State-Specific Information

For more information, please contact Robin Billings at 202-463-5452 or e-mail rbillings@uschamber.com.